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We have taken a long walk in the space of technology. Development of social media has given us an opportunity we never had before. Anybody can get connected with anyone at a fraction of second, remember how excited we get with every notification sounds from our social media applications. Everything comes with a price. The more we use social media for goodness, the more bad guys such as terrorist, pornographers and so on use it for evil. Every second Governments are trying to bring down this massive use of social media from using it for evil purpose. They request social media companies to provide them backdoor, so that they can peep into our daily activities. Revelation’s on wikileaks will give us more details about what Government organizations fighting crime are upto.

Reports say that they already possess the malware and tools to get access to any smart phone and smart televisions. But, what about messaging services that have end to end encryptions ? There is where the fight between Tech Companies and Government organizations have started. In brawl between  Apple and FBI over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, Apple stood frim that they will never compromise the iPhone security. Though FBI was able to jail break iOS to unlock the phone, they displayed a serious outrage on Apple’s decission on not to compromise iOS Security even for crime investigation. We can see that, they had experts who work with FBI or Government Agency to unlock the so called, tech marvelous iPhone security.

Government agency are requesting tech companies to provide them access to users phone through backdoor, with end to end encryption provided by major tech companies like whatsapp. User security have been given utmost importance by most Tech Companies. Governments argue that terrorist organizations are using such mediums for recruitment and attacks. Yes, that might be true. But, the arguments kept on table by Tech Companies too have a matter of concern. Technology experts argue that providing backdoor access to some devices is same as exploiting all devices out there. How about people who use these applications for banking purposes and about people who use these applications for sharing their personal life with friends and family. By providing backdoor we are making the security of all these people’s personal life a parody. These are some reason why Tech Giants are refusing to cooperate with Government agencies.

With end to end encryption, we can feel safe with the least of no fear that our message are not read by some third person. But this too comes with risk. Any intruder who have physical access to your phone can install malware. Security agents will always advise you on two things, never give access to your devices unless the person concerned is the one you trust. Second, always have some security application and keep it updated. Major tech giants like Apple and Google are always providing security updates. With the recent release from Wikileaks on document and source code of Malware used by CIA, Apple had one thing to say, our updates have already covered these security breaches. One thing is for sure, If Tech Companies agree to provide back-door to Government Agency, It comes with the exploitation of personal life of common people.

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