After a long 13 hours travel, we reached our small beautiful rented home in Chennai.This time my thought was not influenced by the gazing memories of the home town.There was something special about this travel and I like to bind those secrets to myself as I write this.

My mind was dazzling with the thoughts of how we have frequently lost some of the good works that we are supposed to possess.Effort is something we spend targeting successful response, but not while success is not meant to be for us.Lets, spare those lucky guys who succeed in everything they do.In fact, I don’t believe in luck, may be we can give it a new name,”blessing”.There is nothing called luck in this world.There is blessing, some are blessed, some are more blessed but as I believe there is no one who is not being blessed.That’s wonderful right ?

So, I was not too obsessed with success, there has to be some hard work behind success right.But, this time it was too frustrating, we had some good leads which we missed.Never to blame us, the market have been messed up with new born developers and it has turned out some thing like a fish market.At this point of time, with breakfast in hand I was staring at out monitor, it was filled with visuals of this awesome movie, “Finding Dory” , the story of two adventurous fishes who was always on some mission or other.This time it was dory trying to find her parents.The script was so awesome that I never thought that this movie can be a real morning booster.

There are some dialogues which I really admired, when said through dory’s tone.May be this would boost your day too.Ah, may be afternoon
DORY: “I can remember some things because I have a family because everyone has a family.”

DORY: “When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.”

DORY: “The best things happen by chance.”

Marlin: “The water is half empty!” Dory: “Hmmm. Really? I’d say it’s half full.”

CHARLIE (Dory’s Dad): “When something is too hard… There is always another way.”

With these boost up dialogues, I just started my day.Yes, the day was too hard, it seems like getting me down, but what i focused on is to swim because there is always an another way and the best thing always happen in the swim.