Some habits die hard they say, indeed they die hard, sometimes it used to be like the struggle between will and temptation,When the mind says sleep, laptop was like, “come on, why not another movie or some coding or at-least just some minutes of staring at someones status or may be another round scrolling 9gag pages, what about some, chit chats in stack-overflow, come on you cant sleep that early ! “

Well, that’s the hard decision to make when your computer is calling you to spend time with it giving you a pack of options and suggestions, you finally give up sleeping and your computer is happy to have you with it again. That’s my story most times while i decide to sleep early and wake up early.

After giving a try for years and with not even a single positive result.I winded up my plans, but all of a sudden when it comes to changing your habitual behaviors for someone whom I can account to, that was something easier to do, at-least for me, this may not make sense to many here.But yeah, doing something for someone special that’s the type of accountability I got fascinated with.

Its indeed a wonderful feel to allow change into your life, when all of a sudden there was some likes and dislikes that matters.This is something many of us least notice, but is always eager to do when it comes to doing it for somebody who matters to us. That’s the type of change happened without expectation.I am not a great fan of change.I stick to my habitual routines.But with the introduction of a accountable partner,I should agree that, I am starting to accept change in my life more than ever, it like a thrill to do it.

Especially the moments when the technology around you have changed into a brighter dimensions are you are still enjoying messaging with you 100 per sms mobile data limit. ”Come on , its insane right ?” “ha ha !” , well that’s also a part of change, when you don’t like to wait for someone and all of the sudden, you enjoy waiting for someone, well that too is a part of change.This is the change we least expect,but this is the change which happens once in your life time and it can turn your life upside down.

May be its the best thing to experience, and I feel equally grateful for such an great moment of change !

Vow ,its awesome, if you have reached the end of this out of mind post of mine, well, I know nothing would have made sense to most of you.May be in few months, I will be coming up with another rubbish post which make more sense.Till then, I hope you enjoyed reading this one.